Quality to date is our company philosophy.

We have established a quality policy that is consistent with the purpose and context of our company. This policy provides a framework for the setting and monitoring of objectives in addition to our commitment to meet customer requirements and regulatory and legal requirements, as well as our commitment to continuously improving our management system.

Our ISO certification according to ISO 9001:2015 can be found in the download area.



The security and integrity of your data at TEUFEL Ptototypen.

Therefore TEUFEL Prototypen arises for years against the cloud trend! TEUFEL Prototypen uses no cloud services from external companies, or stores job data on external servers. No data is stored on mobile devices (cell phones, laptops, iPads) that can exit the premises or be stolen or may be lost. We are yearly audited by an external company (S.I.G. Neu-Ulm) by an independent expert which reviews and obtains a certificate.



TEUFEL is aware of it's responsibility for technology, science and development in Germany. Only well-trained and motivated specialists can permanently secure the industrial location of Germany against the competition from low-wage countries. This is the reason for TEUFEL Prototypen to offer interested and motivated applicants the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge in the commercial or industrial sector.

For this reason, TEUFEL Prototypen has been recognized by the German Federal Agency for Labor for exemplary and committed training.