"Creating the future" is not just a marketing slogan but a living part of our 35-year company history.

Especially in times like these when a small virus shows us, who we believed we had everything under control, how fragile the world we have created is.

More than ever, it is our job to take responsibility.
Responsibility for our company and the health of our employees.
Responsibility for our social environment in which we operate. And therefore also for prosperity, lively education, art and culture. Not least for the people in other parts of the world whose living conditions are influenced by our actions. That is why we continue to support institutions such as "Doctors Without Borders", send masks to refugee camps in Greece and promote art and culture in our homeland.

"Creating the future" means all this, in addition to the projects in all the years in which we have been able to make our contribution to better medical products, clean air and water, green energy supply and new modes of transport. In short, for a more beautiful, more peaceful world.

Stay optimistic


Thomas Teufel