• Additive Manufacturing - Arburg Kunststoff FreiformenAKF seal made of TPU Elastollan C70 A15
  • 3D Druck TPU Elastollan ABS Terluran GP35AKF - 2K component made of ABS Terluran GP35 and TPU Elastollan C70 A15
  • 3D Druck PC Makrolon 2805AKF component made from PC Makrolon 2805
  • 3D-Druck PolymaidAKF - Faltenbalg aus TPU Elastollan C70 A15


In keeping with our motto "creating the future", we are the first and only service provider in the world to offer the Freeformer AKF process.

An essential feature of the Freeformer AKF technology is that qualified standard injection molding granules can be processed. In this way, we can manufacture individual parts and small batches from original materials efficiently and inexpensively for you. The Freeformer system has material processing with a special plasticizing screw. After melting, tool-free free-forming follows: A high-frequency cycled nozzle seal carries out the smallest plastic drops, which are precisely positioned with the aid of a moving component carrier. Three-dimensional plastic parts are built up layer by layer, even from up to two different components.

Functional components are manufactured e.g. made of the following original materials (no blends): ABS / TPU / PC / PA6 / PP

Our machines have a construction space of max. 190 x 135 x 230 mm and build with a layer thickness of 0.2 mm.