TEUFEL Prototypen as prospective employer

As an employer, a company determines the remuneration and therefore the social standards of its employees. TEUFEL Prototypen offers each employee a fair payment  to prevented the "working poor" effect that is widespread in many parts of the free market economies.

In addition, the design of the workplace and working conditions for health, satisfaction and motivation of our employees are realy important for us. Therefore TEUFEL Prototypen puts great emphasis on the designs of our workplaces following the standards of legal provisions, and the guidelines of the professional associations and, in particular, modern work ergonomic aspects






There are no (further) job offers available.



Hands-on training

TEUFEL Prototypen offers interested students the possibility

- Work experience (one day)

- Weekly experience ( week-long )

- Internship (3-6 months)

to be completed in our company. The aim is the student gain insight into operational practice and the workings of a modern production plant.

For 2019, unfortunately we have no more free internships more !



Vocational training

TEUFEL prototypes is a certified training company that is distinguished by the German Federal Agency for Labor. We offer committed and motivated young people an excellent training place in the following areas:

- Office manager (m / f)
- Industrial purchasing (m / f)
- Mechanical engineer (m / f)
- Process engineer for plastics and rubber products (m / f)

As of September 2019, we no further free training places !