Thomas Teufel - Managing Partner


Therefore we are able to support you through the hole product chain of development. For each step of design and development we have a flexible and creative team, based on a mix of junior and senoir employees, with know-how, competence and ideas. Always in line with our customers requirements.

Forward looking managment, technical competence and personal asignment to our customers are the cornerstones of our buisness philosophy just as responsibility, sense of family and  harmony.

Furthermore, TEUFEL Prototypen has an ERP-System (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is tailored to our particular needs and supports us in the realization of shorter processing times, meeting of deadlines, optimum stocks and economical use of all equipment. The entire manufacturing process of your order is traced with the aid of this system and a special barcode. All resources (materials, equipment and employees involved) are assigned to the order and can thus constantly be seen and traced during the manufacturing process. This process begins when the order is confirmed and ends when the UPS tracking number is sent to our customers via e-mail as soon as the package has been forwarded to the dispatch department.

Dennis Böhm - Managing Director